How to Install and Configure AWS CLI on MacOS – Part 2

This is part 2 of series that focus on how to configure AWS command line interface (AWS CLI) to properly authenticate to AWS account. We'll go through using the aws configure command, setting multiple named profiles and using environment variable. Finally, we will discuss configuration precedence.

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How to Install and Configure AWS CLI on MacOS – Part 1

This tutorial goes through installing the Amazon Web Service Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) on Apple Mac OS. The steps include installing Python, PIP and AWS CLI. We'll discuss setting the PATH variables and using the .bash_profile to make sure AWS CLI works properly on your computer.

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Why AWS Migration Projects Fail

Do you want to know why AWS migration projects fail?  This is not so obvious If you read the AWS website or attend the annual re:Invent conference.  There you will hear lots of stories about big companies migrating huge systems with mind blowing stats.  Well, this is not one of those stories. Instead, If you do one or more things in this blog,  your migration projects will not only fail but fail slowly causing maximum…

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